Lady Ga Ga c/o Interscope Records

Several photos of Lady Ga Ga wearing wolf fur and other fur products have been released to the public and Lady Ga Ga herself shows no remorse for these poor animals, even though in a previous interview on the Ellen Degeneres show she stated that she would never wear fur. This irresponsible, heartless act will not be tolerated.

She claims to be the voice of the bullied. We are speaking for all those who can not speak for themselves; abused, tortured and exploited animals everywhere.

We may not change her beliefs, but we can show Lady Ga Ga and Interscope Records that acts like these can have monetary consequences.

I am signing this petition to inform Lady Ga Ga and Interscope Records that I will no longer support her by buying any music, concert tickets, or merchandise related to Lady Ga Ga.

I believe Lady Ga Ga's blatant lack of remorse for the animals that were killed in order to produce the clothing she wears to social events is unacceptable.

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