NBC, Comcast, and Macys
United States of America

Comcast and NBC, and possibly Macys, have fired Donald Trump for saying what he believes to be true.

I don't agree with everything Mr. Trump said, but I certainly believe in his right to say it, and firing him over it has consequences. It's time the American people PUT UP or SHUT UP.

Are we going to let political correctness silence us when we know things that are happening are WRONG and NOT in the best interest of our people? I say HELL NO, and I want others to put your money where your mouth is, and STOP SPENDING it on people who only care about the LEFT's views.

BOYCOTT any organization that FIRES Mr. TRUMP.

I agree to BOYCOTT any organizations that are discontinuing business with Mr. Trump for speaking his mind, as our FREEDOM OF SPEECH will not be intruded upon.

Mr. Trump is entitled to his opinion, and many of the things he said, we all know to be TRUE.

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