#Family & Friends

This company show no concern for the well being, safety, business affairs, nor family of its customers. This company has attempted to scam me out of my hard earn money and many of my associates as well. I booked a flight with Airasia and it was suppose to be for a 2 way there and return back (DPS-KL) but they had me book the ticket separately. That was not an issue, the issue was when I went to book the return flight and the price double. then triple and evidently quad-triple. The system said it was price influctuation but that was not price in-fluctuation for all this price gauging happen within minutes of buying the first ticket. price influctuation does not happen like that and especially does not quad-triple the price maybe a slight increase not an astronomical one. This is extortion of it customers! I had agreed to a sales price of 99 dollars for a flight there and back but now its turned into a trip costing hundreds of dollars. That is false advertising and customer baiting to show a sell price of 99 when the spike the price up as high as they can during the middle of the transaction which is illegal. Also a Associate of mine informed me have not only play with people's money but also they time. My associate had an important business trip and selected Airasia for the journey and they had 8 hour delay and did not issue a refund or a credit for another flight NOTHING. This airline is the worst and it is time something is done about it!

We call for Airasia to start valuing their customers and provide better service and STOP high- jacking us out of our hard earn money.

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