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The final step in the West Trail Study Area (TSA) process is here! Will the Boulder mountain bike ban be eliminated? Will bikes be allowed in the area between Eldorado Springs Drive and Linden Avenue west of Broadway/93? Staff said no. OSBT said maybe. Now city council gets to decide.

The voice of young people in Boulder is critical to get reasonable and responsible access to trails we can ride without using a car. We may not be able to vote yet, but our opinion still matters! Please sign this petition and show up Tuesday 3/15, 6pm at Boulder High School to tell city council you support bike access in the West TSA!

I am a young person who lives in Boulder and enjoys mountain biking. As a “young person” I may not be able to vote, but I still deserve to have my voice heard.

I support limited access for bicycles in the West TSA and want city council to have staff hire a third party trail design professional to work with the BMA to develop a plan for a multi-use trail on anemone hill that includes bicycles.

I also want city council to support the addition of a multi-use trail that connects Baseline to Eldorado Canyon Drive and the existing Doudy Draw trail system.

Finally, I would like to point out the absurdity of OSMP staff’s assertion that a four-mile stretch of multi-use trail, in a trail system of over 100 miles, could cause irreparable harm to the environment. This just seems to be picking on one small trail and one user group instead of solving a real problem.

I may not be voting on these issues today, but in a few years when I am, I will want to vote for an open space that I am able to use and enjoy.

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