#Animal Rights
Ministry of Agriculture, Water-Management and Forestry, Bosnia & Herzegovina

For many years now a large number of wild animals have lived under illegal and completely inhumane and inadequate conditions where they are being kept as an attraction and marketing tool for restaurants and other catering establishments or in private zoos.

They all ended up in the hands of their current “owners” thanks to insensitive hunters who killed their mothers.

Two bears, who have spent their entire life in small cages, under terrible conditions, are going to be put down by decision of Bosnia & Herzegovina's Ministry of Agriculture, Water-Management and Forestry. Actually, the same fate expects all 10 captive bears, known in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Ministry of Agriculture, Water-Management and Forestry
Minister mr. sc. Damir LJubić
Titova 15, 71000 Sarajevo, BiH
Phone: +387 33 44 33 38
Fax: +387 33 66 36 59
Email: kabinet@fmpvs.gov.ba

Mr LJubić,

with reference to the letter of NOA, Society for the Protection of Animals (http://www.drustvonoa.org/akcija%20492.html) dated February 2012, I wish to express my deep concern about the two bears who are going to be put down by decision of the ministry you direct. Actually, the same fate expects all 10 captive bears, known in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

From an article published in your local news (http://www.dnevniavaz.ba/vijesti/iz-minute-u-minutu/78215-medvjed.html) I know that a sanctuary in Hungary is ready to accept and adopt these bears if they find a good will in the relevant institutions to halt their decision on euthanasia and would issue the necessary documents for export. Their euthanasia is thus no longer justifiable given that a solution to save the bears exist.

I have also learned that on September 22nd, 2009, the animal welfare organisation NOA BiH has received information from the federal inspector for Forestry and Hunting, Mr. Sulejman Hasimbegovic, that he ordered regional hunting inspectors to inspect all locations where wild animals are being kept in captivity and that the decision has been made to solve this problem by executing these caged animals (http://www.drustvonoa.org/akcija%20242.html).

I would like to ask you to please halt the execution of this decision made by the hunting inspector and to protect all caged wild animals until a humane and adequate adoption has been organized and animals that are no longer able to return to their natural habitats have been transferred to sanctuaries. It is completely unacceptable for these innocent animals to pay with their lives because of the bureaucratic ineptitude and human irresponsibility. Animals that are illegally caged are not guilty for current negligence and lack of government action and their execution would cause BiH to be judged internationally with unprecedented proportions.

I urge you to collaborate with the animal protection organisations in your country who will help you to find a humane and adequate solution for these animals. Not doing so and killing these beautiful, innocent creatures, will cause an international scandal and an avalanche of reactions from animal welfare organizations and activists throughout the world. It would be harmful to the economy of your country and you can thus expect boycott of tourism and commerce, advertising against your country, demonstrations in front of your embassies, travel agencies, on the internet and various media.

Yours sincerely,

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