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Central Frontenac Township

Bordenwood Road is a road that is full of potholes and receives very little maintenance over the course of a year. Most often a complaint call or email to the Township is required to have the road repaired, or maintained during severe weather conditions.

The maintenance that is performed is inadequate, and often necessary again within days or weeks. The road is trecherous in the winter and spring months, causing many people to lose control of their vehicle on Bordenwood Road. As well as the extensive damage that is done daily to the vehicles that travel it, such as tires and suspension.

We, the undersigned, would like to submit this petition to Central Frontenac Township, for review.

We are requesting that the potholes are fixed properly and regular maintenance is conducted. For example, during winter months, roads should be sanded/plowed in a timely manner. The road should be checked weekly for potholes and repaired as necessary.

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