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Nowadays, no one liikes being told to take their hats off, pull their pants up, change their shirt, change their pants, or maybe even socks if they are "distracting" that is not fair to the wearer. The person wearing the article of clothing must feel comfortable in the piece. They like it, They have their right to wear whatever they want as long as it doesnt show anything illegal to show in public. This petition may be a way to make things smoother in schools in the sense that teachers won't have to worry about these unfair rules anymore. No teacher or staff of any school should have authority over how one expresses themselves in anyway. I see this as a fair compromise to the lack of expression allowance. This is a thing I think many people have wanted for a while now and would cause schools less grief in forcing kids to dress to their specifications. Kids have bad hair days, kids have shortage of clothes right before laundry day, they also just like to express themsleves. I think that the excuse of saftey hazards in clothing is all contradicting due to the fact that anyone can hide anything in any article of clothing. The excuse of distraction is also very contradicting seeing that the only people that seem so bothered about this are the teachers. Their jobs are to teach us and protect us. So lets let the administrators, and directors, know we would like a bit more freedom and composition to cook up creativity in our school system.

We, the undersign, would like to inform the administrators and anyone of higher authority that our generation would like to make a slight change, to loosen and make comfortable, our education for ourselves and future generations. We sign to ask for allowance of more loose and free dress codes including; allowance of hats and clothes that have no legitimate and physical barrier to the process of our peers' educations.

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