Island Defjam

The Bon Jovi fan website www.Bonjovi.com has had a chatroom for many years but since they updated the site they have decided to shut down the chatroom option for good. Their response to this when asked why was "Folks cannot self-moderate in the chatroom and that has left it as a less than civil space on the internet - NOT a good representation of Bon Jovi or their real fans. Since a full-time moderator is not something that can be implemented at this time, the chatroom will be closed. IT will only be opened on specific occasions in the event of a chat with band member(s)".

We the undersigned all agree that we want to see the chatroom at www.Bonjovi.com reinstated. Every signature represents disapproval of the closure and requests that we get the chatroom back to show that the band still appreciates the loyal fans all over the world!!

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