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Chesterfield County Planning Commission
United States of America

The planning commission is considering a proposal to build a subdivision on Buford Road between Brown Summit Road and Sunview Lane, squeezed between the houses that are already there.

This development will involve clear-cutting the woods and building four new homes around a new cul de sac off Sunview very close to Buford Road, along with a large 4-foot deep drainage pond. This subdivision will dangerously increase traffic at a difficult intersection, create an alarming safety risk to our children, who might wander into the pond or street, and increase the already unacceptable runoff into downstream neighborhoods, which makes our homes and yards vulnerable to flooding.

Additionally, the subdivision sets a frightening precedent in the historic Buford Road corridor, for infill construction that will destroy woods, pack homes in like sardines, and forever damage the character of our neighborhoods.

We, the undersigned, call on the Chesterfield County Planning Commission to refuse approval of the Bon Air Walk Subdivision.

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