PM Sh. Narendra Modi

To the Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi:

We are writing to you as a proud Indian and believe that all religions should be treated with a respect. We all have noticed that in number of Bollywood Movies they are targeting Hindu believe system as a part of joke, whether its regarding Gurus, Pandits or Astrologers.
As a normal citizen of this country, we could see the amount of hatred and disrespect being displayed through the movies that the Hindus being portrayed as hate mongers.

Astrology is a Vedic Science and it doesn't need any certificate from Bollywood for its authenticity.

Hence we request the honourable Members of Parliament, India to pass a bill and create a strict law which will prevent hate contents or joke contents being spread on Hinduism and mocking of Astrology, Hindu Traditions and Hindu Gods.

We watch these movies along with our kids and they are the next generation of our country, What kind of impression kids are getting after watching these kind of movies, that one should make a joke regarding Hindu believe system.

The law must ensure and ask for Mutual Respect between the Religions of India.

Thank You.

We request not to pass the Bollywood movies for a release, if they have any contents that portray the Hinduism believers as a part of a joke. All the religions of India should be treated in a respectful manner.


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