#City & Town Planning
Boca Raton City Council
United States of America

Boca Raton's beach community needs to maintain existing traffic flow to accommodate evacuees during a storm; while incorporate on-street parking to meet all demands of retail, recreational and residential users.

We, the residents of Boca Raton respectfully request that the City Council develop a realistic vision for our seaside village.

East Palmetto Park Road is a Palm Beach county road and an emergency evacuation route. It is located in a high hazard coastal area consisting of a mere 1394 linear feet from ocean to intracoastal. Low impact commercial and retail development capped at 30 feet along our evacuation route must also reflect a 'safety first' use appropriate for an island community.

We ask that all future development be in keeping with this vision of limited density and limited traffic for the safety, welfare, preservation our public beach.

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