#Arts & Entertainment
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
United States of America

Everyone who plays regularly at the boardwalk knows that there is something missing. Why? Because all the bemani we have, we have beat time and time again. I, among others, think that there is a wonderful solution to this; IIDX 6th mix. Sure, the boardwalk may not be very open to getting new machines, and with a justified reason; their new machine dmx does not bring it much revenue. It is basically collecting dust from all the regulars. And if money was a problem, they could sell hiphopmania and dmx. But IIDX would bring in much revenue, being that everyone would play it. Many people are getting sick of DDR, but no one's sick of IIDX, especially because it would be the only one in Santa Cruz.

Maybe people would even come from out of santa cruz to play, because I don't know of many of them.. but this is almost everyone's favorite IIDX mix *who has played it*, and it has the BEST bemani songs. Please sign to try and help the boardwalk.

Please sign to try and get the boardwalk get IIDX 6th style.

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