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In ye´olden days, there used to be a Blur Fan Club, which recieved a monthly magazine (Blurb) and on occasion, an exclusive Fan Club Single (i.e. Death Of A Party (Demo), I Love Her (Demo), etc.).

This is a petition to start a modern-day equivalent of this fan club.

It is known that there is more unreleased material that the Blur community would love to be able to get the chance to hear.

Help join the petition and give us a fighting chance to join an experience like no other.

-Fernando Gomez

We, the Blur community, wish to have a chance to join a modern-day Blur Fan Club.

We hope the big guys recognise our cause and give us a shimmer of hope.

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The Blur Vinyl/CD Club Petition petition to Blur/EMI was written by Fernando Gomez and is in the category Music at GoPetition.