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Houses of Parliament
United Kingdom

At the moment there are various types of users who can claim full exemptions for Blue Light Users under a couple of UK Statutes. These are Police, Fire, Ambulance, Serious Organised Crime Agency and Special Forces. It may come as a surprise to some that Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), bomb disposal to most, are NOT exempt from the speed limits. At the present time they rely on the good will of the Commissioners and Chief Constables.

This needs to change, EOD needs to have the protection of UK law to do their job correctly. In this time of heightened terrorist threat I would like to know that the EOD were getting to me as quickly as possible.

Please sign this petition to request that the Houses of Parliament amend the present Statutes to include EOD as one of the groups who can claim the full Blue Light Exemptions.

Many thanks in advance.

Mr John M Thomas

We, the undersigned, humbly request that the Houses of Parliament amend current legislation to include Explosive Ordnance Disposal to the authorised grouups of users who can claim the full exemptions of Blue Light use.

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