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This message goes out to all my fellow movie enthusiasts. I am going to keep this short and simple. My primary goal is to reach out to Peter Jackson and Wingnut Films Ldt to give us a high definition Blu-ray re-release of his first film, Bad Taste.

Bad Taste is an accomplishment, as it took Peter Jackson and his friends four years to film, mostly filmed on weekends. If you have seen this movie, you all can agree that it definitely needs a digital restoration.

Please sign my petition, that way we can reach the man himself, and get the ball rolling! We want to watch Bad Taste in HD!

We want it now!

We, as a group can reach out to Peter Jackson and Wingnut Films to give us the HD remastered movie that we have all been waiting for!

Please, if you love Bad Taste, sign this petition and make this happen!

The bastards have landed!

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