#Civil Rights
Mark Lazarowicz MP for Edinburgh North & Leith www.marklazarowicz.org.uk
United Kingdom

This is petition is set up by an action group 'BLOT' which wants to clean up Broughton Street in Edinburgh and make it safe for all to enjoy.

We urge you to join us so you can happily come here without having to trail through piles of rubbish. It is a lovely street winding down a hill from the East End of Princes Street in Edinburgh which has fallen into a terrible state of disrepair which is sad. As a World Heritage site it belongs to us all. Lets look after it!

We consider the situation in Broughton Street to be unacceptable. The streets are strewn with litter and licences have been issued to huge national companies such as Greggs the Bakers and Ladbrokes the Betting Shop without providing them with proper waste disposal facilities.

The top end of the street is presently functioning as an open cast ashtray and rubbish tip. In 2011 there was a rape in the basement next to Ladbrokes, there have been two fires and the Police are being called out almost daily.

This is an infringement of Civil Rights which affects residents, small businesses and anybody visiting the street. It must be addressed.

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