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Terry Lee Erickson’s lifelong goal was to rob a bank. On March 3rd, 1982 he had the chance. Erickson gunned down and killed an innocent man.

Gary Schmidt was making a late night deposit for his business in Beloit, WI when Erickson shot him at close range with a sawed off shot gun. He was sentenced to life with parole. After serving only 25 years in prison, he was granted work release. 25 years is hardly a life sentence compared to the life he took. However, in October 2008 he will have the chance to be released.

With the help of you, and your friends and family we hope to keep Erickson in prison. Not only for our own safety but also to help serve justice to those that are still feeling the loss of Gary.

We the undersigned, STRONGLY OPPOSE the parole of Terry Lee Erickson.

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