Chrsitine Milne, Bill Shorten, Clive Palmer

Clive Palmer has already come out swinging saying it is an unfair budget and pushing those in poverty to breaking point - if he, Christine Milne and Bill Shorten stand together and reject the budget, we may have a chance.

The average debt by most countries is far greater than Australia. Australia sits at around 13% where the average amongst other countries is 73%. I ask you - are we in financial crisis or is this a story we are being told to scare us into accepting this budget - a budget that pushes our poor and vulnerable further into poverty. Abbott and Hockey are trying to dazzle us with numbers and false stats - the national debt has been grossly exaggerated to make us accept poverty 'for the good of the country'.

12 months from now there will be a huge increase in births across Australia, increased homelessness, increased poverty, increased suicide rates, increased strain on charity organisations and further segregation of our nations poorest.

This Government is so out of touch as to HOW people are living. You can't take anymore from people who have nothing left. The changes to single parents under the Gillard Government hit hard, we didn't think it could get any harder - we were wrong. Again - the single parents are copping it, along with unemployed, young people and pensioners. Way to go Libs, people are going to have MORE children to keep their payments intact, which is breeding a new generation of poor and under-privileged - who will become a further strain on your precious country.

Please sign this petition and share it. We need to be heard.

We ask that Christine Milne, Bill Shorten and Clive Palmer stand together with the people of Australia and block this budget. We have been lied to, segregated and pushed too far.

This budget is aimed at the people who can least afford it, whilst Abbott, Hockey and their cohorts laugh all the way to the bank.

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