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This 2 year old is Blake Sampson his step father Charles brooks jr beat him minutes upon death he is struggling to live . Brooks is a trust fund kid whom has lots of money .he ran and took a week for him to turn his self in. They set his bond at 250,000 and he made bond 24 hrs after his arrest. Drs said yesterday that if Blake ever wakes up he will not be the same little boy he was. Blake had adult bite marks on him as well as took several blows to his head this all took place in Dallas Texas .He is a very violent man. A little boy is fighting for his life now for two weeks. I am a very close friend of the family I have been give. Permission to contact you please help us get this story out so this doesn’t have to happen to another child that he is ever in contact with. My contact number are as follows 903-293-8981 870-653-6061. This is a terrible situation that needs to be told. I am also looking into getting a law in Blake’s name calling it Blake’s law. I want it so that ANYONE that ever abuses a child I to this degree may not have a bond we owe it to Blake! I copied this I sent it to Nancy Grace if you would like to support me in trying to get this law my contact information is listed

We the undersigned agree by signing this petition . That we stand behind Blake Sampson & family. We are requesting that anyone that has committed abuse of a child in this manner or to this extent , for it
To be made a none bond able offense.

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