African-Americans/Decendants of Africa
United States of America

Starting a Black-owned city would be extremely helpful , providing ways to build wealth and a safe environment.
Having our money circulating through would also be very helpful. Before the Tulsa Massacre, Black Wall Street was flourishing to no prevail. A community where black people were safe and financially stable made it all the better. We could have the same thing just with better protection and plenty of caring people in office that look like us.

My name is Emma Arnold. Since our days of slavery, black people have haven’t gotten the recognition and praise we deserve. We have been held back and pushed down in every way, Physically, mentally, psychologically, and financially. I was scrolling through Twitter, and I saw a tweet that said: “The black community should pull together 20 million and buy a city in America and develop it...We can have our own police, mayor, and what not”. This really had me thinking. What if we DID start our own city? Imagine this: A safe place where we can unapologetically black and brown, not having to worry about death around the corner. Having a place where our children can grow up and be excellent without be degraded. There’s black people EVERYWHERE. Black business, black schools, black postal service, black town hall, black courthouses, everything being ran with people near and dear to our hearts. There is no set plan, which is even better, because if we get the support we need we can discuss what our city would look like and what the name would be. I would really appreciate it if this can come to pass. Please share to any and everyone you can

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