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Michigan State Legislature
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This petition pertains to African Americans and Hispanics receiving reparations if they have Native American (Indian) blood and can prove it. The best way would be the member of an Unrecognized Native American Tribe.

Many don't know about the "Black Freeman Indian Treaty" of 1866, and how Indians played a MAJOR role in the enslavement process of black folks in America. In other words, slavery could not of existed without the full cooperation of Native Americans who bought into the concept.

Back in the 15th century, white settlers sought after Native American Indians to become bounty hunters, and track down and capture runaway slaves, in order to maintain and establish control over blacks. The tribes that the white settlers targeted for this job, were the Cherokee, Seminoles, and Creek Indians.

The white settlers drew up peace treaties with the Natives, which provided benefits and reward incentives for the capture of any runaway black slaves. They would receive $25 if they captured the slaves and brought them back to their master, and $20 for bringing back just the slave scalps. As a result, the whole process of "scalping" started from this practice. South Carolina was the first state to initiate this concept.

Stop the denial of federal tribal citizenship and other federally funded programs to African American and Hispanics who are members of Unrecognized Native Tribes.

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