#Human Rights
Rapper "Bizzle"
United States of America

Christian rapper "Bizzle" has taken the beautiful human rights song "Same Love" and made it in to an anti-gay protest.

The protest is founded in his belief that being gay is a choice and a sin in the eyes of god. As a Christian and also a supporter of gay and human rights, I think it is an insult. He is attempting to undo what human rights activists have been working on for years.

He is also slandering the name of the song and the people who made the song. This is not an attack on Bizzle or his beliefs.

Comparing homosexuality to pedophilia is not something that should be tolerated in today's world. While he says the song is not about hate, it clearly is meant in a very negative way. The link for the is listed below.


I, the undersigned, call on Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert, Bizzle, Rolling Stone Magazine, LGBT Centers, Christians, and supporters of human rights worldwide to stop this video from being condoned.

Molly Lynn Hiebing
Signed 1/30/2013

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