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Hey GTA bikers! im trying to get a petition started for Rockstar to se that theres alot more biker stuff that we want because, there is ALOT of bikers on GTA, and I know we need more things, so this is a petition for a Biker DLC that Rockstar should make for us, if we get enough signatures, maybe we will get it!

Hey GTA Online Bikers! im starting a petition for bikers on gta, we need ALOT of signatures before Rockstar will see this, so spread this everywhere, on the social club, to your friends, other biker crews, anyone who can help! us bikers gotta stick together, every signature counts! things this DLC can include are...

-more leather apparel like fingerless gloves, leather vests, ripped jeans, chains on pants, more biker helmets, etc.
-more bikes like the freeway from GTA 4, the Angel, the Wayfarer, and more harley davidson type motorcycles
-more customization like more fairings for different bikes, more seats, more mods like wheel covers, different handlebars, and more
-make possible "clubhouses" for purchase, like underground old warehouses with big parking lots and custom things like a bar, darts, etc.
-make more biker beards and hair styles for purchace, and more biker tattoos, and the ability to tattoo your crew emblem on you
-an option to make your crew classification on the social club a "Motorcycle Club"
-Biker missions for or against the Lost MC
-and lastly, the ability to sell and take illigal drugs, how it would be done is if you take drugs like pot or coke, you get RP, to level up, and you can sell it to players for money, but if the cops see you sell or take drugs in the open, you get a wanted level, so stay hidden in alleys.

Well that's about it. Remember try to get as many bikers to sign this petition. We can get this done, ride free brothers!

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