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There are a fair few of us that ride bikes in Bamford that have nothing to do locally. Our nearest jump spot is in Sheffield but we would love some jumps in our area that we could we could visit without difficulty such as traveling there and no hassle from walkers or owners of the land.

I know someone who has tried three times to get a BMX track inside a recreation ground but the local council have done nothing.

Many people would come to Bamford to ride them (if they were built well) which would help tourism around the high peak. Also, many people would come from neighbouring villages to ride which would keep them out of bother or of the streets.

We would not need much land, about 40 metres by 10 metres would be sufficient and some help building them would be much appreciated.

We, the undersigned, call on the Derbyshire County Council to build bike jumps on unused land on the Council's land to bring people into Bamford and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and bring tourism to Bamford and also to get kids off the street.

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