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Dear Beloved Bid's Place Customers,

It breaks our hearts to tell you that it has been brought to our attention that we are potentially being denied renewal of our liquor license and that our original license was issued on a "temporary basis". Losing this license would mean the end of Archie's and would be financially devastating to us. We want to remain optimistic and refrain from negativity when we beg you for help. We see no other option that to come here and ask for support from the community, our neighbors, friends, and from our beloved Bid's Family and customers.

We humbly ask you to sign this petition if you are a registered voter and any *letter* or other *community support* is GREATLY appreciated. We have to somehow show them that we deserve our liquor license. Thank you all so much for reading, sharing, and helping us in any possible way. Thank you now and always for your continued support of our family business.

Dave & Marci

We, the undersigned, ask the good City of Mills to RENEW the Retail Liquor License for Bid's Place.

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