Chris Bird Cbird@bicentennialcenter.com
United States of America

The Bicentennial Center venue really seems to be the big problem. When you break down what the issues were 1.) No Track Wrestling, 2.) The Security and 3.) The concessions, they all point back to the people that run the Bicentennial Center.

It seems that the only real way to fix this is to either find another venue or when next year comes around, contact Mr. Zimmerman and confirm that the facility has good internet service for Track, has modified the rules for bringing food and drinks in and he has taken some control of the concessions.

If those things are fixed and he rounds up a good officiating crew then he has the foundation of a great event.

We, the wrestling community, request that the operators of the Bicentennial Center in Salina Kansas hereby agree to:

1.) Add internet access to the facility and allow both event operators and fans to access it during live events.

2.) Instruct Security to allow fans with coolers of food and beverage to enter the event without the need of unnecessary searches.

3.) Allow the Salina Wrestling club to provide an alternate concession stand that provides healthy alternatives to the regularly provided concessions at moderate prices.

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