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CBC Radio One, Producer of "As It Happens" Lynda Shorten and CBC Ombudsman Vince Carlin

Mr. Taner Akcam was the guest of "As It Happens" on October 12, 2007.

Six days later, on October 18, 2007, California Congressman, Adam Schiff was the guest on the same program.

Both of these shows presented the listeners with a one-sided and highly-biased narratives of the Armenian Tragedy of 1915, and neither of the guests, who both had certain agendas, were challenged by the interviewers.

Listeners were denied the right to know all sides of the conflict.

Turkish community of Canada was outraged to listen to two episodes of As It Happens, mere six days apart, unfairly and untruthfully portraying their heritage and ancestry in a negative light.

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As Canadians, we the undersigned wish to express our profound disappointment with the CBC’s lack of journalistic integrity and critical analysis of the most serious charge imaginable – that of premeditated, systematic, mass murder or genocide, specifically as claimed by the Armenian community.

We demand that our national and publicly funded broadcaster apologize for the obvious bias of both October programs of As It Happens.

The CBC must commit henceforth to more thorough research, independent of our government’s views, and to balanced reporting regarding the suffering of both Turks and Armenians around 1915. The numerous respected historians who disagree with the genocide label warrant a radical change of CBC policy on this issue. An interview with at least one of the following scholars should occur as soon as possible, preferably within the next 60 days: Bernard Lewis, Guenter Lewy, Andrew Mango, Justin McCarthy, or Norman Stone.

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