Tribal Members and Allotment Landowners
United States of America

The Bureau of Indian Affairs has proposed Regulations that take away the rights of Indian Landowners in managing their trust/restricted lands. The proposed Regulations favor the pipeline companies.

1. Pipeline Companies are allowed to order their own appraisal to determine highest and best use and determine value.

2. BIA is given the authority to Grant Rights of Way over the objection of the Indian Landowners. (Landowners only have appeal rights).

3. The Right of Way may fall under the jurisdiction of the State without landowners knowledge.

4. The Tribe is granted the right to tax trust/restricted lands.

5. The Applicant is allowed to mortgage the property.

6. Issues too numerous for this Petition.

We the undersigned, call on the Bureau of Indian Affairs to cancel the proposed regulations for Rights of Way, 25 CFR 169 and begin the drafting process to include representatives from allotment owners and tribal owners.

We recommend that the Indian Land Working Group represent the allotted landowners.

We further recommend that consultation meetings be held in each of the 12 regions of Indian Country.

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