Gallup McKinley County Schools
United States of America

Student-athletes currently involved in varsity activities at Gallup High School who are being forced to attend Miyamira High School next fall (2008-2009).

We, the undersigned, call on the GMCS School District to allow student-athletes currently involved in a varsity activity at Gallup High School, to continue with that activity and attend Gallup High School for the remainder of their high school years.

These students should be given the opportunity to stay with the Gallup High School and the varsity activity they are currently involved in. The student-athletes school has been chosen for them with their participation in the varsity activity. Student-athletes should be given the opportunity to finish out their high school varsity activity with the same school they have represented for the past year as High School Freshman.

These students should not have been allowed to try out for these teams, if there was never any intention to allow these students to stay with that activity through out their high school career.

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