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Many people believe that those who choose organic foods instead of "regular" everyday food found in supermarkets are a bunch of tree hugging hippies. But what these people don't know is that the "regular" foods they eat are actually genetically modified (GM) and may be at risk of many unknown health problems and complications.

These foods are not only harmful to the individuals that consume but also to the environment and the ecosystem as a whole.

That is why this petition argues the importance and superiority of organic foods as an alternative to industrialized and modified foods.

Hormone injection, pollution, and fatal illnesses are only some of the major problems caused by GMOs.

In today's growing society, scientists believe that altering the genetic make-up of a commonly purchased produce item is the only option for meeting the demands of a needy population.

However, not many people are fond of the idea of eating a scientifically designed food. If you want to make Earth a healthier and safer home for you and your family, keep GMOs out of the local supermarket and off of your kitchen table, stand up for the health of your community and the well-being of the world.

Tell your friends about the harms of GMOs and educate your children about the differences between organic and industrial products. Do the research, cause an impact, make a difference.

Even the smallest action can make a HUGE and positive difference in your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Together, we can make our planet a GMO-free world.

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