North Yorkshire Highways Maintenance and North Yorkshire County Council
United Kingdom

Three people have now died on Broughton Road and it has rocked the community. Just over a year ago Larissa Moore and Sarah Woolmer were killed when their car came off the road and landed in the canal upside down. Unfortunately this has now happened again, an 18 year old girl has died and yet another family are grieving and the town has been devastated.

A lot of the town feel that this could have been prevented and feel very strongly about this so we have come together to create this petition. Every signature represents a person who feels that the people responsible for the safety on Broughton Road, should immediately ensure that the proper precautions are made to make the road safe, no matter what it takes. It is the direct responsibility of the council of this town to look after it's people and to guarantee that something so horrific and heart breaking never happens again.

We, the undersigned, call on the North Yorkshire County Council, North Yorkshire Highways Maintenance and any other such company who could be involved or responsible, to acknowledge the need for improved safety precautions on the A6069 off Broughton Road, Skipton and then make sure those needs are met as promptly as possible.

This may include improved safety barriers, warning signs, lights or anything that will dramatically increase the safety of road users along this road.

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