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City Council of Indian Wells
United States of America

The Indian Wells Golf Resort is a City owned facility and run by contracted professionals as a City Enterprise operation. The contracted professionals cannot independently increase residents golf rates without Indian Wells City Council direction and approval. The resort has never operated at a profit and has always required significant tax dollars to sustain operations and resident amenities.

According to the 9/16/2016 Desert Sun article (see link above) the resort has lost $15 million dollars over the last 10 years and expected to lose several millions of dollars over the next 5 years. The majority of the sitting City Council and previous Councils have declined to recommend raising Resident Golf Rates above the original amount of $35.00 per round that was set in 1993. With normal inflation applied the 1993 original rate would now be $58.45 per round in 2016.

Measure GG failed on the 11/08/16 ballot. GG would have "increased taxes" to subsidize IWGR losses but not require any other fiscally responsible actions by the City Council. Continued Resort losses will eventually result in the City being forced to consider reducing basic services such as police, fire and road maintenance. Compared to other municipal golf courses our resident rates are too low. Reasonable increases still offer residents an incredible value at our world class golf courses and in line with La Quinta and Palm Desert public courses.

The time has come to begin fiscally responsible actions by our City Council.

We the undersigned, as Indian Wells homeowners request that the Indian Wells City Council approve an increase in the City resident golf fees at Indian Wells Golf Resort to a minimum to $50.00 per golf round and resident guest rates to a minimum of $85.00 per round for "in season" round.

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