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ATI has been Nvidia's main competition for some time now. Many of ATI users feel that ATI's video cards have far superior performance over Nvidia. Unfortunatally, they have minimal Linux support. Because of this, performance under the Linux operating system isn't what it should be. Also the amount of time it takes for ATI to begin supporting the newest version of X is entirely too long.

We Linux users demand having the same or close to the same priority as Windows users have had for years.

So, this petition is a last ditch effort to get ATI to listen. If you are a Linux user and enjoy ATI card performance, but tired of ATI's laziness in development, please sign.

ATI Technologies,

We Linux users have enjoyed using your video cards for years. We feel that your video cards have a performance edge over the competition. We just have a few complaints:

The drivers you issue for ATI cards don't give out the performance or quality of the Windows counter-part drivers. Also, the amount of downtime experienced while waiting on ATI to support the latest version of Xfree/Xorg is tiresome.

We feel that ATI can do better. So, collectively, we are asking that you spend more time and resources on Linux development, as we feel that ATI and Linux is the better choice.

Signed by the aforementioned:

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