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Ever since management has changed, there have been many conflicting issues with who makes up our schedules and how well (or in the case, poorly) they are coordinated.

Many have expressed our views in that the schedule maker has not taking into consideration many things.

1) 4 weeks notice to call off is not reasonable.

1b) Even when we ask off 4 weeks in advance, some of us still don't recieve the shift/s off.

2)Too many people scheduled on a particualr night. Meaning that we waste our time in making a measly wage, while management/corporate is paying several people the job that only a few can and will do.

3)Not enough poeple scheduled. Sometimes the schedule leaves out a server and thus making it difficult to run a full restaurant certain days with not enough people on the floor.

4)Some times the schedule conflicts with prior arrangements that the worker/employee can not miss. ie. school/class, second or third job, etc.

5) Many people seem to be too exhausted because they are scheduled too many shifts when they have other things to do/work on. ie. school, another job, kids, etc.

6) It is very difficult for an employee to call off from work on any given day sometimes because there is no one to work for them. Some times forcing an employee to work while he/she is ill or has other things to do.

We, the undersigned, want better Longhorn scheduling. The current arrangement is not working and we would like to seek someone that will listen to our needs and keep it in mind for future scheduling.

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