Buck Hhill
United States of America

We are the mass of fed up free-skiers and snowboarders. We are sick of Buck Hill's "Terrain-Park". In order for Buck Hill to prevent the loss of all our season pass sales (everyone who signs this petition) next season, Buck hill must do the following:

1.Fully groom the Terrain-Park bi-nightly.

2.Maintain safer jumps and table tops.

3. Construct various table tops, a small (10-15 foot), Medium (20-25 foot), and large (30-Up foot).

4. Have a few more difficult jump-up/jump-on rail/box features. No more ride-ons, at least not for everything.

5. Groom the halfpipe weekly.

6. Hire a new terrain-park manager (Doug from the Midwest Mmassacre, he has successfully transformed wild Mountain's, Spirit mountain's, and Welch Village's terrain parks into respectable terrain parks.)

We appreciate the fact that you purchased new terrain last season, but with how poorly you maintain it, it is worthless. Think of this as an investment to secure thousands of dollars that you might not get next year in season pass sales.

We, the undersigned, insist that Buck hill MUST maintain and build their "Terrain-Park" better, or risk losing lots of money next season.

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