Governor of Bermuda and Premier Paula Cox

As a result of insurmountable developments plaguing King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, it is clearly evident that future healthcare is in jeopardy. Rampant leadership complaints, accelerated expenditures and patient point of care issues are but a few of the serious concerns facing KEMH.

Over the past 5 years KEMH has digressed in every facet of operations. Employee morale and poor patient outcomes are tangible indicators that underscore the seriousness of the many problems experienced on a daily basis.

Unchallenged leadership decisions, conflicts of interest and salary awarded initiatives have devalued focused based objectives surrounding key components of healthcare.

Today is the beginning whereby we will no longer tolerate an aggressive and controlling healthcare environment established as untouchable and above reproach. The BHAG anticipate the resignations of persons responsible for the failure and diminished credibility of our healthcare system.

It is a necessity and imperative that a commission of inquiry is conducted to protect our interest and access to healthcare for generations to come.

Please indicate your agreement into requesting an Commission of Inquiry into the Bermuda Hospital's Board and its administration.

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