The BBC interviewed Jody McIntyre (disabled man) on Air about what happened to him in the recent student protests. Jody McIntyre was thrown off his wheelchair and dragged across the road. Video footage on youtube shows this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXNJ3MZ-AUo .

The Interview was very one sided and Ben Brown (the BBC journalist) as it looks tries to ask Jody Stupid questions about what happened trying to make Jody McIntyre look a fool. One of the questions that was asked to Jody McIntyre a number of times was if he was wheeling towards the police. Jody does well to keep calm and comeback with good objections. Well done Jody McIntyre we are right behind you!

Ben Brown APOLOGIZE to Jody McIntyre!

Please sign this petition to get "Ben Brown" the BBC journalist to Apologize to Jody McIntyre in person and/or on air after a disgraceful interview that was shown on the BBC!!

This will hopefully be passed on to the BBC.

If anything Ben Brown doesn't deserve to work for the BBC.


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