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Zack Snyder has chosen Ben Affleck to portray the Dark Knight in the follow up to Man of Steel.

We feel this to be a cardinal sin. Ben Affleck tried and failed in his ability to play a super-hero in Daredevil.

He may be a super director, but a superhero?

Let's let Mr Snyder know we think he needs to recast the Dark Knight to someone who will do the role Justice!

Dear Mr Snyder,

We the undersigned, politely request you reconsider your decision to cast Mr Ben Affleck as the Dark Night.

As strong fans of the character and genre, we feel your decision will not only jeopardize your upcoming film, but the franchise as a whole.

We feel strongly for Mr Afflecks directorial abilities, and his acting credentials in more serious roles, but not in the role of a coveted fictional hero. We humbly ask you to reconsider your decision.

The undersigned

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