#Animal Rights
To enlighten Apple Inc. with this serious issue

Hi there,
It has been brought to my attention when downloading the new iOS 12.1, that when scrolling through the fabulous range of new emojis that there was not an emoji dedicated to Beluga Whales. I find this issue very important as I am a fellow whale lover (Beluga to be exact) & I am sure my fellow members of the Beluga Whale Fan Club Society would be very incapacitated when they download the new iOS & find no Beluga Whales. I am also very aware of the other whale emojis, but those emojis don't beat the Beluga.
Thank you for your time, please sign this petition as I find this subject very serious.

The Beluga Whales must be recognized. This madness of no Belugas Whale emojis must be stopped. If you are a fellow whale lover like me, don't sign this petition for me, but for those poor whales who are constantly looked by each day because there are no emojis for them, (because we all know that emojis are everything & nothing else matters unless it's an emoji).
Again, thank you for your time. #Belugasalltheway

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