Belfast City Council
Northern Ireland

Our global environment is nearing a ‘tipping point’!

The IPCC’s recent estimate is that we have only 11 years to decarbonise our economy and society so as to keep global temperatures within 1.5 degrees of pre-industrial levels and thus prevent catastrophic consequences for human and wildlife populations; there is also unassailable evidence that we are living through the sixth global mass extinction.

Extinction Rebellion believes that the first precondition for the urgent action that needs to be taken is that governing institutions around the world tell the truth about the severity of the situation, and declare a ‘climate emergency’.

Thus far, UK local authorities which have declared a climate emergency, and committed themselves to aiming for a zero carbon economy by a date in the near future (ranging from 2025 to 2038) include Ards & North Down, Bristol, Manchester, Scarborough, Stroud, Forest of Dean, Brighton and Hove, Bradford, Cornwall and Nottingham. In December the London Assembly passed a motion calling on Mayor Sadiq Khan to draw up an emergency plan to bring the city’s target for carbon neutrality forward to 2030.

We the undersigned call for Belfast Council to join them and pass the climate emergency motion.

-Commit to making Belfast carbon neutral by 2030

-Establish a Citizen’s Assembly to generate ideas and bring the community with you.

-Create a working Group, chaired by Cabinet member/Committee chair, involving as wide a participation from local community as possible, to report within 6 months, or at least in time for their recommendations to be funded in the next budget cycle.

-Disinvestment from fossil fuels.

-Call on the UK Government to provide the necessary policy changes and funding available.

- Create an ethical procurement framework to ensure suppliers reduce their carbon footprint.

- Establish an independent body to deal with environmental protection in Northern Ireland.

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