Patient Quality Care Office, Interior Health Authority, British COlumbia, Canada

Raven Leach was left outside the Nelson hospital for 7 days with out care in a non-responsive state. Her family was not notified.

Such treatment is totally unacceptable, and needs to be inquired into. We believe those responsible must be identified and face an inquiry, or, indeed inquiries, so that no such tragic incident occur to anyone, ever again, in British Columbia, and hopefully, no where in the world.

For more information visit www.theravensnest.ca

Petition for Inquiries
Into mal-treatment by Interior Health and Social Services

If you agree; after reading "Ravens Story" (on www.theravensnest.ca), that those responsible for Raven's ordeal on the lawn of the hospital in Nelson British Columbia, Canada, and, that Social Services in Nelson, who were responsible for her care in the weeks before her time on the lawn, should have to answer for, and explain, their actions before boards of inquiry;by adding your name to this petition you can aid in causing inquiries to prevention such a tragic incident ever occurring again.

Place your name on this petition and help protect the future for others suffering from mental illness. It was a horribly inhuman incident. It must not ever happen again in British Columbia.nor Canada and indeed nowhere in the world.

Your important participation will make a difference now, and in the future.

Periodically we will forward this petition to Ministries,Agencies,and Professional Associations. Each time we forward the petition we hope it will have thousands more who are concerned.

This petition is presented, with respect, in the hope that it be the motivation for all of us to work in concert for the welfare of the mentally ill and positive change.

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