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Fremantle needs a Beach Volleyball Court!

Summer is coming up and the questions keep coming up on where and how to set up a Volleyball Court and play Volleyball. North of the river there are several places where people can play beach volleyball in social competitions or in their leisure time.

Places like Nedlands and West Perth provide beach volleyball courts for social competitions, whilst City Beach and Floreat have courts set up to be used by the public whenever needed and wanted.

This is what Fremantle needs :-).

Bathers Beach is a perfect place to locate poles and a net for people to use and play. Whilst the beach attracts people for sunset drinks and a strolls around at the Fremantle markets, it would be nice spot to end the days with a relaxed volleyball game or spend the time playing during the weekend, whilst not disturbing anyone trying to relax and sunbath.

It is not costing much money or talking much time to set up a beach volleyball court and therefore we are starting a petition to ask the Fremantle Council for approval.

We, the undersigned, call on the Fremantle Council to provide a Beach Volleyball Court for the public at Bathers Beach in Fremantle.

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