#Children's Rights
Chairperson Roza Otunbaeva, Leader of the provisional government of the Kyrgyz Republic

In February of 2009, former Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic, Igor Chudinov, placed a moratorium on all intercountry adoptions, citing fraud and abuses of the system by government officials, orphanages and adoption service providers. This official moratorium came nearly one year after Kyrgyz orphans had been matched with US and Canadian families who were awaiting court dates to complete the adoptions; court dates which should have been scheduled six to eight weeks from the time the families and children were matched.

During the moratorium, the government tasked itself with the investigation of all adoption cases and development of new laws and regulations for future adoptions. Sixteen months since the official moratorium was called, and more than two years since many of the children and families began to wait for court dates to complete the adoptions:

- Two of the matched children have died and one has suffered profound brain damage due to inadequate medical care;
- The investigations regarding fraud and abuse continue, despite the fact that all matched children have been vetted and declared legal orphans;
- The new laws and regulations, which were drafted shortly before the overthrow of former President Bakiev’s government in April, remain unsigned;
- Approximately 65 Kyrgyz children who have been matched with families abroad remain in Kyrgyz orphanages. Most of these children have medical and emotional issues that need urgent attention;
- Approximately 65 US and Canadian families remain committed to providing safe, loving, permanent families for these children.

The future of these children remains uncertain as Kyrgyzstan’s provisional government, in an effort to restore human rights and democracy in their country, focuses on the important work of restoring order, drafting a new constitution, and holding elections in the coming months.

Acknowledging the importance of the provisional government’s goal of restoring human rights to all Kyrgyz citizens; and recognizing every child’s right to a safe, permanent and loving family, we, the undersigned respectfully call on Chairperson Roza Otunbaeva, Leader of the provisional government of the Kyrgyz Republic to:

- Ensure every child’s right to a permanent and safe family is not further interrupted due to the continued suspension of intercountry adoption services.

- End the suffering and neglect of 65 of Kyrgyzstan’s most vulnerable citizens by issuing a decree to expedite their adoptions;

- Continue to ensure that the rights of Kyrgyz children are protected by completing the fraud and corruption investigations and prosecuting those who abuse the child welfare system in Kyrgyzstan.

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