#Animal Rights
The Government of Ontario

Since 2005 a ban has been put into effect against pitbulls or related breeds.

This ban forbids the importing and breeding of pitbulls. It states that all grandfathered dogs must be spayed/neutered.

Puppies born after November 28, 2005 must be handed over to local authorites for one of three possible options:

1. to be shipped out of the province
2. to be sold to animal research
3. to be killed.

All dogs must be leashed and muzzled and any violation of these laws results in death for the banned breed.

Now, it is in my experience that pitbulls are not naturally aggressive dogs. NO dog is naturaly aggressive, it is something that is taught to these animals. Human-aggressive behaviour is rare as in the past people have trained these animals to fight OTHER animals. Granted there are aggressive dogs out there but it is not fair to ban one breed when ANY breed is capable of aggression.

Dog owners worldwide would agree when it is said that a dog is part of your family. There is no difference from one breed to another and no breed discrimiation should be tolerated.

We, the undersigned, call on the Government of Ontario to eliminate Bill 132 and lift the ban on pitbulls and breeds of its sort.

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