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Support D.I.P.G
United Kingdom

DIPG is a very rare childhood brain tumour, affecting on average 35 children a year, it's rarity, position within the brain stem and progression makes it inoperable and therefore terminal. It affects children usually between the ages of 4 and 9.

We are told at diagnosis that life expectancy is 9 - 12 months, many lose the battle before then.

We watch these young children go from beautiful confident healthy children to fighting a terrible disease, going through more than they should in their short life.

We have a fantastic NHS system and can cure so many illnesses but as a nation we are failing our children by not being able to cure DIPG.

Only 4% of money raised by cancer research goes to childhood cancer and non of that to researching D.I.P.G the deadliest of all children's cancers.

Our prisons are full to bursting with so many perpetrators, people who have a choice to do what they do yet live in relative comfort and many of the worse come out to new identities, paid for by the tax payer, yet our innocent little children don't have a choice to live and die. Where's the money to find a cure, to let these children live?

We need to be the voice, to fight for these children, to get the funding for #EndDipg today.

We are asking for more funding to research DIPG.

Stop letting our children die.

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