Welfare recipients need to stop complaining about the income assistance rates and start saying 'thank you' to those of us who have to work and pay taxes to support them.

Yes the rental amount is low; much too low to live alone. Well why do welfare recipients deserve to live alone on the taxpayer's dollars? If they have to have a roommate or two, then be happy to have that option.

The very idea that welfare recipients, or people on Provincial disability, deserve to live comfortable lives while on assistance is ludicrous. Enough! If they want a better quality of life then they can work for it. If they cannot work, then they should be happy there is an assistance program to help at all.

And the biggest pet peeve is that the welfare recipients complaining often smoke and/or drink and/or have Internet at home and/or have cable. Again, expecting to have non-necessities funded on government assistance is nothing but greedy.

It is time to stop being politically correct and say it like it is...Enough! You'll get what the income assistance program gives you because you don't require more. Of course you are going to be in poverty, why shouldn't you be? The tax payers are supposed to contribute more because welfare recipients don't want to struggle?

Did you know that a single, non-working person on Provincial disability makes more money than a single working person earning minimum wage. And most person on disability can work! Yet they scream foul. Nonsense.

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We are already taxed enough.

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