BC HYDRO or BC Utilities Commission

BC Hydro Crisis Fund assigned to it customer's without our consent by the BC Utilities Commission a MANDATORY charge of 0.30 per customer to go into a Crisis Fund to help BC customers who can't pay for their BC Hydro bill. This is a forced upon charge that we as a province didn't ask for or wasn't made aware of till is was push onto our bill. We should get to decide for ourselves if we want to help the under-privileged and not be forced into it by a governing body.

We, the undersigned, ask that the BC Utilities Commission remove the Customer Crisis Fund charge from our bills immediately. If the BC Utilities Commission refuses, We, the undersigned will refuse to pay that portion of our bill and will not see any further action to our bill or credit because of this forced amount on our BC Hydro bill.

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The BC Utilities Commission Anti- Crisis Fund petition to BC HYDRO or BC Utilities Commission was written by Norma Martens and is in the category Government at GoPetition.