#Law Reform
Kevin Falcon, MLA Surrey-Cloverdale

Currently in BC, many single parents who have court ordered maintenance owing to them, do not receive payments from the payor, leaving many of us struggling to feed, clothe & properly care for our children.

In Alberta, the MEP (equivalent to our FMEP) pays court ordered maintenance to the recipient, then uses the full resources of the government to collect those funds from the payor.

By eliminating the daily stresses of wondering when and if we'll receive the funds that are court ordered, we, the recipients, can move forward providing our children what they need AND put less stress on our social assistance and medical systems.

We, the undersigned, call on Kevin Falcon, MLA Surrey-Cloverdale, to take on the matter of how court ordered Family Maintenance in BC is structured.

We ask that he take the necessary steps with the government of BC to change this structure so that the recipients of Family Maintenance Orders receive the funds according to the court order from the provincial government and that the FMEP collect those funds from the payor, using whatever means necessary and utilizing the full resources of the Province of BC.

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