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Puppy Farming is a cruel business with hundreds of dogs being bred for financial gain and their welfare totally ignored. The RSPCA estimates that 50,000 farmed puppies are trafficked into the UK from Ireland this does not include England and Wales
Vast numbers of puppies are produced in similar conditions to “battery farming”.

The bitches are isolated and crammed into small cages and crates without bedding, in buildings without light or ventilation. The dogs are given the minimum of food and water needed to keep them alive and breeding. The Bitches are bred from a very early age every season until they are worn out and when they are of no more use they are killed.

A significant proportion of the estimated eight million dogs in the UK started their lives on a puppy farm people have unwittingly bought puppies that have been removed from their mothers before they are properly weaned and transported in cruel conditions to be sold in Pet Shops, The Internet, and Newspaper Adverts or via Backyard Breeders...

• Abolish the mass production of dogs. Make Factory Farming of Dogs illegal.

• Ban the sale of animals from pet shops, online shops and print media.

• Support an Education programme that encourages people to adopt a dog from shelters, dog pounds or Rescue Organisations or Specific Breed Rescue Organisations.

• Contracts for the sale of dogs together with a Veterinary Certificate stating that the puppy’s parents have undergone the relevant health checks before breeding.

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