Brigantine, NJ Mayor & City Council
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Each year Brigantine City, NJ has increased the prices for 4x4 beach permits. In 2017 we saw the imlementation of beach tags for walk on beach goers to the cove as well as additional beach tag purchases for permit holders.

Each year we continue to see the beach left covered in trash after holiday weekends, an onslaught of out of towners getting stuck and destroying the beach, and outhouse restrooms that are overflowing, dirty and unkempt.

Many of us local south jersey residents take pride in The Cove and The Jetty unlike some of our out of town daily visitors. We continue to pay increasing prices only to be met with a more crowded and unkempt beach.

We must show the members of Brigantine Council and government that if we are to continue to pay the increasing prices and generate revenue for the city of Brigantine, we want to see something done. We NEED permanent bathroom structures built at the entrance which will be kept clean and maintained. We need additional waste disposal areas to prevent the overflowing, smelling and downright nasty trash area from attracting flies and rodents, nd we need beach personnel who will actively enforce the 4x4 permit and beach tag policies.

The following people are requesting that City Council of The City of Brigantine allocate funds in the yearly budget to construct and maintain a permanent men's and women's bathroom structure for both "The Cove" and "The Jetty."

We also request that City Council provide budgetary funds to increased trash collection sites along the 4x4 beaches and maintain these with daily and/or more than once per day removal of trash and recycle.

Lastly, we request the City of Brigantine Beach Patrol in conjunction with the Brigantine Police actively enforce both the 4x4 permit regulations for entrance and beach tag regulations at each posted entrance to the 4x4 beaches.

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